Help Sheets and How To Videos

Help Sheets and How To Videos

Here you will find PDF help sheets and how to videos to guide you through each activity in Rainforest Coding. Click on the links to access step-by-step instructions to complete the tasks. You can download and print the PDF help sheets as needed.

We also have a short video to get you started. Watch here to find out how to set up classes and track student progressPlease note: you must type in more than one character to the class and student fields before the tick appears.

Module 1
Module 2
Doctor Han's Drone - PDF / Video

Robot Moving Pod - PDF / Video

The Red Robots - PDF / Video

The  Pink Robot - PDF / Video
Introducing the 'Pen Bot' - PDF / Video

Removing the Robot - PDF / Video

The Prison Door - PDF / Video

Module 3
Module 4
The Laser Scanners - PDF / Video

The Dino Bot - PDF / Video

More Pen Bots - PDF / Video
The Recycling Area - PDF / Video

The Glue Balloons - PDF / Video

Very Useful Boxes - PDF / Video
Module 5 
Module 6
The Mine - PDF / Video

Exploring the Island - PDF / Video

Trapped Pen Bots - PDF / Video

The Robot Factory - PDF / Video
The Flying Pen Bot - PDF / Video

Finding the Fuel (1 & 2) - PDF / Video

Collecting the Ink - PDF / Video

Attacking the Monster! - PDF / Video