Lesson Plans and Coding Glossary

Lesson Plans and Coding Glossary

Here you will find links to downloadable and printable PDF lesson plans. You can also access this CODING GLOSSARY, which gives definitions for many of the coding terms that students will use as they work through the games.

Lesson plans

Module 1
Activity 1 & 2: Doctor Han's Drone & The Robot Moving Pod: PDF
Activity 3: The Red Robots: PDF
Activity 4: The Pink Robot...: PDF

Module 2
Activity 5 & 6: Introducing a 'Pen Bot' & Removing the Robot: PDF
Activity 7: The Prison Door: PDF

Module 3
Activity 8 & 9: The Laser Scanners & Meeting a 'Dino Bot': PDF
Activity 10: More "Pen Bots"...: PDF

Module 4
Activity 11: The Recycling Area: PDF
Activity 12: The Glue Balloons: PDF
Activity 13: Very Useful Boxes: PDF

Module 5
Activity 14: The Mine: PDF

Module 6
Activity 18 & 19: The Flying Pen Bot & Finding the Jet Fuel: PDF

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